Bookkeeping REDEFINED

Bookkeeping REDEFINED
We exclusively specialize in bookkeeping and only for chiropractors.

While our competitors all offer multiple services and work with various professions, we do not; we are chiropractic bookkeeping specialists. With this singular focus we are able to deliver an experience and service that is unmatched in the profession.

Lucro is redefining bookkeeping in the chiropractic space.

Unlock your practice’s potential with Lucro!


Who Are We?

Founded by the owner of a $6.5 million dollar chiropractic clinic and the CFO for multiple $100 million dollar companies. We have the perfect blend of chiropractic specific expertise and financial mastery.

Dr. Josiah Fitzsimmons

Dr. Josiah Fitzsimmons is the founder of one of the fastest growing chiropractic clinics in this history of the profession. Opening just 4 months out of school, he had over 400 prepaid appointments before the first day open and went on to generate over $1.2M in revenue in its first year. By year 4 revenue had surpassed $5.5M in only 1800 square feet. 

Along the way Dr. Josiah realized that running a great business came down to two things: 
1. Understanding the numbers. 
2. Taking Action.

Learn More About Dr. Josiah

Over the years, business owners have continually asked Dr. Josiah for help to grow and scale their practices and his first questions are always about the numbers. Unfortunately most doctors don’t understand their numbers or know what actions to take and that is why he started Lucro, to help doctors scale their businesses and scale their lives.


Adam Rundle’s journey from the corporate finance world to the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship is nothing short of remarkable.

What kickstarted as a modest two-person endeavor rapidly expanded over six years into an impressive team of over 50 financial experts.

From navigating the intricacies of $100 Million giants to propelling startups to 8 and 9-figure triumphs, Adam hasn’t just worked with businesses – he’s helped transform them.

Learn More About Adam
Having achieved notable success with CleverProfits, Adam then joined forces with Dr. Josiah, embarking on a new venture, Lucro – an accounting firm uniquely tailored for chiropractors.

The genesis of the Perfect P&L Method came about when Adam saw his fellow entrepreneurs grappling with the intricate maze of finance. This led him to devise a method that would streamline profits and losses, demystify finances, and enable business owners to navigate their financial journey with clarity and confidence. The outcome? Streamlined operations, a significant surge in profitability, and above all, an exponential multiplication of wealth, fostering a legacy of success.


The Lucro

Lucro is specifically designed to cater to the unique financial needs of chiropractic professionals. Not only do we give doctors better insights into their numbers, we provide monthly expertise to improve revenue and decrease expenses.

In addition to monthly bookkeeping our clients get:

  • Access to the Perfect P&L Framework made exclusively for chiropractors
  • CFO Strategy calls to create financial game plans to scale your practice
  • Personalized Action steps delivered each month based on your individual numbers
  • Monthly Calls with our Founders to accelerate the growth of your business
  • Topic-Specific Strategy Calls with Industry Experts
  • Access to hand selected partners personally utilized by our founders and the top clinics in the country

Lucro vs. Other Bookkeepers

Tired of getting the bare minimum? Lucro is revolutionizing chiropractic bookkeeping
with tailored expertise from industry leaders and financial experts.




Reconciles Books Within The First 10 Days Of Each Month
Created The Perfect P&L Framework For The Chiropractic Industry
Monthly Feedback On Each Major Operating Expense
Not Likely
Works Exclusively With Chiropractors
0.001% Chance
Specializes In Bookkeeping
Jack Of All Trades
Performs Strategy Calls To Create Annual Forecast
Monthly Topic Specific Strategy Calls With Chiropractic Specific Experts
Automated Action Steps Based On Monthly Data
Definitely Not
The Ability To Book CFO Strategy Calls
Automated Financial And Tax Reminders For Year-Round Optimizations
Probably Not
Monthly Coaching Calls Lead By The Owner Of A 5M+ Chiropractice Clinic And A CFO For 100M Companies
Zero Chance
Monthly Dashboard To Notify What Direction You Are Trending
Small Chance
Utilizes The Analysis Created By The Top Clinics In The Profession

All of the above is only $450/month


Book a Strategy Session

Unlock the full potential of your business with a complimentary strategy session that typically costs $500.
This is your chance to have a one-on-one deep dive in driving business growth and optimizing profits.

During this personalized session, we will meticulously analyze your practice’s key financial aspects, including current revenue streams, marketing efficiency, labor and operational costs, and cash flow analysis. The result of this strategy call is the Profit Optimizer Report – a custom report converting your numerical data into practical, strategic advice.


The Lucro Guarantee

When you decide that you want to maximize your practice with Lucro we guarantee that your investment will result in enhanced revenue, reduced costs, and elevated profits. If not, we’ll refund your money.

My time with the experts at Lucro has been great so far. The ability for them to lay out all of my financial infrastructure in a very readable format (for someone like me who is not the best with numbers) has been invaluable in the development of my practice. Being able to detach myself from emotional decision-making and base everything on the data points discussed with the financial team has been a big win for my peace of mind.
Juan Guzman, Inspire Health

Lucro has truly revolutionized the game! Their unparalleled personal attention and deep understanding of chiropractic practice finances are unmatched. The eye-opening quarterly reviews are a game-changer. Most importantly, the value of a company that can meticulously outline potential profitability is simply immeasurable.


Dr. Shane Becker, Rise Chiropractic

Adam blew my mind on our call. That whole setup is unreal. Pumped to be working with you guys and him. Next level man.







Dr. Daniel Wallis, Elevate Chiropractic